Network Wiring in Pendleton, OR

Total Security is a locally-owned-and-operated company that provides wiring services quickly and conveniently. Since 1956, our friendly team has been ensuring the highest quality of work.

Low Voltage Wiring

Low voltage wiring is often used for telephones, alarm systems, and other devices that require less than 24 volts. With a structured system, you will be able to have greater flexibility in controlling these gadgets around your property. We can provide maintenance for your cabling system to ensure that all your devices will still work even if you choose to upgrade your hardware.

New Installations

Our team has the necessary skills to install new wiring systems in your commercial or residential properties. By having wiring installation done correctly the first time, you can avoid serious electrical problems in the future.

An example of our Low voltage network wiring in Pendleton, OR

Wiring for Remodels

If you are remodeling your property, we can help you make sure that all the electrical wiring we add can accommodate your additional appliances. We will also make sure that you will have access to electrical outlets no matter how you choose to rearrange your furniture or change the layout of your space.

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